15th International Architecture Exhibition, Venice

Venice Agendas, since 1999, has held discussions and events during the opening week of the Venice Art Biennale.  This is the first time that Venice Agendas has participated in the Architectural Biennale.

The theme of VA16: ACCESS ALL AREAS, focused on various aspects of physical and social inclusion in design and city planning. There are four aspects to the project, the first are a series of observations and interventions by the artists Tony Heaton and Nicky Hirst, followed a symposium and artist talk on the 27 May. The final part is a series of interventions in the UK and a workshop back in Venice in July.

27 MAY 2016

9.30h BREAKFAST: Caffetteria
10.00h – 12.00h: SYMPOSIUM: Sala Portico

The symposium addresses physical and social inclusion in urban planning, specifically the issue of accessibility in Venice. The objective is to raise awareness of accessibility, as well as to stimulate creative concrete proposals for architectural inclusion in Venice, but above all to discuss the importance of how new constructions and urban-plans should take into account a fundamental human right: the possibility to access to all areas.

PANEL: Francesca Pinto, Venice Council, Elimination of Architectural Barriers office; Franco Gazzari, Ordine degli Architetti PPC di Venezia; Attilio Santi, University Iuav of Venice; Stefano Maurizio, CERPA Italy; Anna Michielotto and Silvia Dainese, Comitato Accessibilità per Venezia; Alessandro Dalla Pietà, Gondolas4all; Tony Heaton OBE, SHAPE London

Moderated by Jennifer Macmillan Johnson

12.00h – 13.00h

Following the artist interventions, an open discussion will be held to coincide with the panel discussion on the issues of accessibility and inclusion, where the photographs and video footage taken during the ‘guerrilla’ interventions will be presented. A follow on event will be held back in the UK to continue the discussion and the artist’s works will be presented. The Symposium will be followed by a talk with Mark Segal, Tony Heaton and Nicky Hirst.


Two UK based artists, Nicky Hirst and Tony Heaton OBE have been commissioned in collaboration with University Iuav of Venice and Comitato Accessibility per Venezia to make a series of works. They will undertake a number of interventions and observations in the city of Venice, and later in London, to draw attention to mobility and accessibility in the ways that people can navigate, explore and enjoy the city regardless of any impairment.

Nick Hirst’s project Accommodate is hosted on Instagram: using the hashtag #accommodatevenice16

Artists commissions curated by Mark Segal

 Tony Heaton   2016 / Nicky Hirst  2015

27th June – 15th July 2016

University Iuav of Venice, Department of Architecture, Construction and Conservation
Curated by Prof. Attilio Santi
Iuav Ca’ Tron – Room B2

A workshop to explore creative and practical solutions for inclusion and accessibility in Venice will be held in July. The students from Iuav will be looking in particular at design solutions for creating accessible bridges in Venice.

Guest speakers include representatives from the City of Venice, Order of Architects PPC Venice, the Superintendent for Cultural and Architectural Heritage, and CERPA Italy.

The collaborating organisations supporting VA16 are: workinprogress, theartistagency, SHAPE Arts, TENSATOR, Comitato Accessibilità per Venezia, University IUAV of Venice, Gondola4ALL, VENEWS, Istituto Veneto di Scienzel Lettereed Arti, Palazzo Franchetti, Istituto Veneto, Fadel Italiana and Soluziono Meccanich Domotiche Meccatroniche. The initiative is supported, financially and culturally, by workinprogress and the City of Venice.