OCCUPY FOLKESTONE – Open Call for Public Participation

Venice Agendas 2017: The Contract is a programme of events including an exhibition, a publication, talks and performances in London, Venice, Margate and Folkestone. On Saturday 23 September the project comes to Folkestone with a day of artists’ projects and events

Would you like to get involved? Here are just some of the events you can participate in:

Monica Ross: Act of Memory

Participate in the recitation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as part of Monica Ross’ Act of Memory. The performance will take place in a central location. Each recitation will be recorded and edited into a final film that includes performances from Venice in May 2017 and from Margate.

Young In Hong: Echoes

Echoes is a relay of one person’s protest, realised through individual performances testifying to the idea of equality through individually different ways of expression. Accompanying an original soundtrack by Young In Hong (which is audible only to the performer), each participant improvises a live response.

Denise Ackerl: Occupy Folkestone

Starting as early as the suffragette movement, non-violent resistance has been a crucial factor in changing political landscapes all over the world. During this 1-hour workshop participants are invited to join a practical and theoretical conversation on contemporary forms of non-violent protest and the importance of creative thinking within it. First, practical strategies used by the Occupy Wall street movement like the ‘human megaphone’ or ‘HOP’, the collective jumping around and shouting ‘Hop’, will be demonstrated and put into action. This is then followed by a discussion on macro and micro gestures of resistance that are suitable for everyone on and offline. Besides getting more familiar with the history of the subject, this workshop emphasizes empowerment through creativity, fun and criticality.

If you would like to participate in any of the above events then please email here