About Venice Agendas

Venice Agendas creates a critical international platform for debate with informed institutions, artists, critics audiences from around the world. The project was founded by Bill Furlong and Mel Gooding and has featured at every Venice Biennial since 1999. Agendas grew out of audio arts, which began in 1973, the audio arts archive is now located at the Tate. Since 2011, workinprogress Clare Fitzpatrick and Terry Smith have continued the series of topical, intelligent and informative discussions, talks, debates and events. Mel and Bill along with Vittorio Urbani of Nuova Icona continue to support and mentor the project.


The current Venice Agendas team


Team UK

Lead Artist:  Terry Smith

Artist Curator : Mark Segal

Project Manager : Chelsey Browne

Project Coordinator : Faye Golley

Marketing : Chantelle Purcell

advisory team

Peter Jenkinson OBE

Tony Heaton OBE

Shelagh Wright

William Furlong

Mel Gooding

Vittorio Urbani