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HOP willl produce an exhibition based on the ongoing research carried out in the lead up to the exhibition. Questioning the market and cultural values that structure the creative landscape of Folkestone, and the examination of how this shapes its geographical impact. 

It aims to open up a debate on ideas of class, ownership, belonging, and gender within contexts of subcultures. It explores the cultural value of traditions and resistance, expressions of locals etc. that ‘hijack’ the status-quo of cultural validation in Folkestone’s art scene: by placing alongside it more diverse languages of cultural production in the public sphere that hosts the application of human imagination, commentary and emotional power in its rawest form. The flourishing of alternative entrepreneurial models, suggests the consideration of vandalism and trespassing as reclamation and protest. 

The exhibition will present printed work, text, installation and performance with open public participation.

Earlier Event: November 22
Venice Vending Machine