VA15: Crossing Boundaries Margate

The first in a series of additional UK events took place on Wednesday, 11 November 2015 at DACS, Bethnal Green, London, followed by an all day event on Saturday, 21 st November at Turner Contemporary, Margate. The series  concludes on Friday 27 November at Globe Gallery, Newcastle.





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VA15: Crossing Boundaries Margate perfromances

Tatsumi Orimoto performing Breadman on the Bus

Tatsumi Orimoto performing Breadman on the Bus

Ok, Set, Drop Ruth Proctor

Ok, Set, Drop Ruth Proctor


Breadman on the Bus, Tatsumi Orimoto

Performing in England for the first time in five years, renowned Japanese artist Tatsumi Orimoto performed Breadman on the Bus. The everyday seems almost extraordinary, as Breadman boards the Thanet Loop bus at Broadstairs (1.30pm), travelling to Turner Contemporary with bread strapped to his face. Followed by the artist drawing in the gallery throughout the afternoon.

The Holborn Cenotaph, Tony White
Author Tony White reads ‘The Holborn Cenotaph’, his short satirical story in which the high-rise tower of Holborn Police Station is decommissioned and converted into ‘a new Holborn Cenotaph, a 50-metre high, networked memorial to those men and women who have lost their lives or who will die in contact with the police in the UK.’ This performative work of fiction resulting from a loose collaboration with Stuart Brisley, Maya Balcioglu, and Dr. Sanja Perovic of King’s College London.

Simon Smith, Tony White and Iain Sinclair
Iain Sinclair and writer Tony White discuss writing in the context of history, national identity and climate change, drawing on TS Eliot and White’s novel Shackleton’s Man Goes South

Ok, Set, Drop Ruth Proctor:
Risk artist Ruth Proctor brought her artwork to life as she launched herself from a 4 metre high scaffold onto the gallery floor.


Games with the Water Horse, Jon Adams
12 – 12.30pm, First Floor Galleries
Artist Jon Adams’ Games with the Water Horse draws on family episodes including his mother’s death, the dropping of the atomic bomb, an uncle who sank in 1942, synaesthesia and working with theatre director Sir Peter Brook. Told from the perspective of an artist with Asperger’s syndrome and PTSD, Adams intertwines stories that cross boundaries of consciousness, life experiences, art forms, and neuro-diverse thinking.

I Declare At My Own Risk / Home Alina Serban
Two powerful plays, told with unsentimental honesty, of Alina Serban’s journey through the Romanian Care system and her pulsating desire for a safe home.

This Island of Me, Kimbal Quist Bumstead

Interdisciplinary artist Kimbal Quist Bumstead performs his storytelling work This Island of Me, telling tales of the sea, travel, migration and imagination.

Sunley Gallery
Performance of Disarm by Pedro Reyes

Margate  beach
Performance by artist Richard Parry


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VA15: Crossing Boundaries Margate Discussions 

Turner Contemporary
Art Agency Director, Mark Segal, artist and curator Terry Smith, and Turner Contemporary Director Victoria Pomery discuss Risk, the Right to Fail and introduce the event. Questions by Turner Curator Fiona Parry

Foyle Rooms

Join acclaimed writer, poet and filmmaker Iain Sinclair, author of London Orbital (2002) and Lights Out for the Territory (1997) speaking about crime writer David Seabrook’s All the Devils are Here, TS Eliot’s The Wasteland, cartography, Margate and madness.

The Powder Room
Critic and writer Jennifer Thatcher, curator Yasmina Raggard and Turner Contemporary curator Fiona Parry discuss the role of the curator as simulator,and of regional perspectives with Jean Wainwright

Margate Museum
Artist Ala Younis, curator David A Bailey, and artist Felicity Allen discuss the borders between education, curation and art practice

Artist Tony Heaton, Jon Adams and writer Jean Wainwright. discuss media, art and ethics

Turner Contemporary
Artist Richard Parry and curator Mark Waugh discuss the art market and algorithms

Foyle Rooms
Writer Iain Sinclair discusses David Seabrook’s All the Devil’s Horses, TS Elliot, Margate and madness

Foyle Rooms
Writer Iain Sinclair, writer Simon Smith and writer Tony White discuss TS Eliot, writing and more


va15: Margate discussions via periscope

from Dubai:
Curator JW Stella Please Keep Your Eyes Closed For A Moment. Curator JW Stella on her curatorial practice and taboo elements within creativity
from London:
Curator Lina Dzuverovic on mediators Electra, ethics gender and risk.
from London
Insurance Assessor Mark Gibson discusses risk and motorised living.
from Manchester:
Artist and curator Jen Wu on art and political activism and the ARC project.

from New York:
FakeRichard Prince performs ‘Erased Nurse’ @FakeRichardPrince

from Cape Town:
Siyaziwa reporters turned actors challenge stereotypes in an interview with deaf cyber broadcaster writer and performer Sophie Woolley
from Budapest:
Artist Thaïs Lenkiewicz explores how cities frame our perspectives @ThaisLenkiewics
from North Carolina: @SheenaRoseart
Artist Sheena Rose discusses social media, multiple identities and contemporary subjectivity
from Mexico City
Curator Blanca De La Torre discusses curating and the global art world
from Chicago:
Robin Deacon discusses his recent show ‘White Balance’, memory and manipulation