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VA19: The Market

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VA19 The Market: what is the value of art?


VENICE AGENDAS 2019 -THE MARKET: WHAT IS THE VALUE OF ART? aims to examine the financial mechanism that powers the art world. How does the system of the art market work? Who are the beneficiaries and who are the losers? Through research, round table discussions and commissions of new work, Venice Agendas explores the impact of the art market on the territory and environment that artists, institutions, curators and writers have to navigate to create, present and discuss original contemporary artwork.
Venice Agendas celebrates twenty years of projects at the Venice Biennale. We are pleased to announce we are renewing our partnership with the Metropole Hotel, who hosted many of the early Venice Agendas. Throughout the press week we will be holding a series of exclusive interviews and informal discussions. These will be recorded and available online. In addition, our roaming interviewers Jean Wainwright, Sacha Craddock and Fari Bradley, we will be asking Biennale visitors What is the Value of Art? 

The VA19 project will continue back in the UK with a series of discussions, events and artist commissions until November 2019. Artists contributing to the project include Sonia Boyce, Graham Fagen, Anthony Gross, Tony Heaton, Jannette Parris, Kieth Piper, David Shrigley, and the Islington Mill Arts Academy

Venice Agendas 2019 is a workinprogress project supported and funded by DACS, Shape Arts, Creative Folkestone, The Roger De Haan Charitable Trust, theartistsagency and funded with public money from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.


artist commission

The artist Nicky Hirst has been commissioned to create a new project on the market theme. You can follow her project on Instagram @veniceagendasartists #VAnickyhirst

‘I am looking for connections and contradictions in the images, making visible the diverse ways in which we all try to make sense of the world. I will observe Venice with curiosity and by using a dual format for my Instagram site we can compare and contrast. Perhaps by looking at familiar sights from unfamiliar vantage points or pairing seemingly incompatible structures, critical thinking can be creatively revealed.’ 

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